Juan Ignacio Rodríguez
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Hi, I'm Juan Rodríguez and this is my personal website

About me

I'm a self-taught programmer passionate for game development, currently living in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina. I have some experience programming in C++ and Python. I also have a very good understanding of web development in general. If you want to see some things that I programmed check my Github account, if you want to hire me contact me, you can also check my Curriculum Vitae.


Email: jnigrodriguez@gmail.com
Other links:

Curriculum Vitae

You can download my CV here

Keywords: C, C++, C++11, SDL2, Godot, C#(Windows Forms), Python(Django,Flask), Web scraping, SQL(SQLite, MSSQL), Javascript(vanilla, react), Linux, Windows, HTML, CSS, ORMs(SQLAlchemy, Sequelize, EntityFramework), Git, Github, Visual Studio

Currently learning: more C/C++, modern C++, OpenGL, game development in general, graphics, game engine dev, debugging, asm, reverse engineering

More info about my programming experience:

Game dev:


Main Languages:


I have been working with C++ for around two years, I try to make my projects around C++11 features but sometimes I add some C++14, 17 and even 20 features. You can check some projects that I made with SDL2 in my Github account, including some games and a simple game engine. I can easily pick up new libraries and work with them.




I made some APIs with Flask and with FastAPI, I also know how to write webapps with Flask and Django, using SQLite or PostgreSQL for database, SQLAlchemy for ORM and libraries like Flask-JWT and some others. I worked a lot with requests and BS4 in order to scrape data from websites. I use Python almost daily to solve day-to-day problems, I can easily pick new libraries if needed. You can check my github account to see some projects that I made.


Football Badge Mashup

HTML, CSS, Javascript

I made this website without any templates. I have a very good understanding of modern Javascript (ES 6/7), I made some projects in React and Vue. In addition you can look the Flask and Django projects that are in my Github where I use Vanilla JS, Bootstrap 4, jQuery, etc


This website

A freelance project made with React, Express, Sequelize and Sqlite:


Twitter clone in Vue

Other languages:

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C# ?

Java ?


I have a very good grasp with OOP concepts and some common patterns as well, especially with ECS in game dev. I know how to use version control (git and github). I also have familiriaty with many ORMs (SQLAlchemy in Flask, Django ORM in Django, Sequelize in Node, and Entity Framework in .NET).